Thursday, May 7, 2015

Reflections: A to Z Challenge April 2015

It's finally over. Yes, it was my reaction when I published the last post with letter "Z".

If was my year of participation and I am proud of myself that I completed the challenge on both my blogs.

I am glad I choose a theme and more glad that I stuck to it!

I got two reminder emails from the one of the hosts asking me to catch up. Kudos to them for keeping a good track of all. Both emails pushed me to catch up and schedule rest in advance.

For this blog, I decided to blog the pregnancy quotes with an expression or word starting with each letter of the day. While, some were easy, others were extremely difficult to find. I also came across several quotes I simply loved - I loved all I posted, but you know some just stays in your heart.

An interview to myself!

Q: Did I have a theme?
A: yeah! Check out the theme reveal...

Q: Did I finished with success?
A: Yes.

Q: Did I plan my posts in advance?
A: I tried to do that before April, but failed to do that.

Q: Did I post everyday?
A: No. While I managed to schedule some of my posts in advance once a while, I also had to work really hard to catch up many times.

Q: Did I learn anything?
A: Yes. 
1. General knowledge
2. Importance of planning and drafting posts in advance.

Q: Did I get more views?
A: Yes, as compared to normal months.

Q: Did I get more comments?
A: Yes, it's incredible how fellow bloggers take out time for this amazing encouragement.

Q: Did I visit more blogs and commented?
A: No! I so wish I had done it. But my official work and personal commitments left me no time to visit any blog and I barely managed to post with each letter though not everyday. 
I would definitely try to make up for it by visiting as many reflections as possible - at-least who those took out time to comment on my posts.

Q: Would I participate again next year?
A: Yes, as long as I am blogging :)


  1. I'm still rounding on a-z, I like to keep the momentum going.

  2. Just now getting around to visiting the blogs in the challenge. April was a busy month for me. Congrats on completing the A to Z Challenge! Looking forward to next year! See you on the Road Trip!


  3. Hello there.
    Congratulations on completing the challenge! I didn't get to visit your blog during the crazy month of April so I'm popping over today from the Road Trip.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess