Thursday, April 30, 2015

Z is for Zest - Enthusiasm - Pregnancy

Every time I felt tired during my pregnancy, my zest came back at one at the mere movement of little feet.
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And the last one, I so pray from the deepest corner of my heart that no soul ever experience this thought...
Ok... One more...


  1. Hello there.
    We should cherish all life since it is a beautiful gift from God (Psalms 36:9). As humans, we only see the outer image and beauty will fade with age and time (Proverbs 31:30). God, on the other hand, reads hearts, which is where true beauty really lies (Proverbs 17:3). As a woman and wife, I especially love (and I think you will too) Proverbs 31:10-31 describing the "capable wife".
    Thanks for sharing and well done for completing this year's challenge!

    Entrepreneurial Goddess

  2. This has been a great blog challenge. I read through some of your posts this month.

    Congratulations on completing the A to Z blogging challenge!
    Don’t forget about the A to Z Reflections post coming up in May.

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
    2015 A to Z of Vampires

  3. J here, stopping by from the #atozchallenge - where I am part of Arlee's A to Z Ambassador Team.
    Welcome to "Z-day"! (Time to watch the iZombie television series?)
    Hope to see you at the after party. I'm looking forward to when the Reflections Linky List opens on Monday, May 4th.

    -J @JLenniDorner