Monday, September 15, 2014

The Prostitute's Daughter or The Runaway Daughter by Juliet Philip

The book is originally known as "The Runaway Daughter". "The Prostitute's Daughter" is the version which is released in India.

Here are my thoughts about the book

1. Everybody wants to fall in love... And once in love, people want to jump out of it.

2. What is the point in asking for another slice of bread or a warm hug when there aren't any to be had?

3. Encouraging word scan make such an I start and lasting impression.

4. Questioning the Collins might reveal and identity we're better off not knowing.

5. The right choice is the best decision you can make for yourself at any given time. It may not turn out as you hoped, but it is the best you could do at that point in your life.

6. There are not right or wrong decisions.

7. Your decisions are progressions to your passions.

8. Boredom is by far the worst enemy known to man.

9. Perhaps the snake never intended to become a snake; Mother nature made it a slithering snake.

10. It's very easy to feel like a victim.

11. Love cab be magical, found in an instant and feel like it is meant to be forever from the start.

12. Love does not need compromise and sacrifice.

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  1. Why people want to fall in love? Is it a pit? Once there then why they want to jump out then?